Instagram March 26, 2020

Movie Watch List: 80’s Movies



Everyone loves 80’s movies. Here is our list of the top 80’s movies to rewatch now!

-Some Kind of Wonderful
-Pretty in Pink
-Caddy Shack
-The Breakfast Club
-The Goonies
-Big Trouble in Little China
-Escape from New York
-The ‘Burbs
-The Lost Boys
-Repo Man
-Fast Times at Ridgemont High
-16 Candles
-Can’t Buy Me Love
-Dirty Dancing
-The Shining
-Blade Runner
-The Outsiders
-Out of Africa
-Back to the Future
-Top Gun
-Beverly Hills Cop
-Good Morning, Vietnam
-Dead Poets Society
-Karate Kid
Which of these was your favorite back in the day?

We hope this list sparks some movie watching time for you and your family! We will continue posting movie lists so check our page for more!