Instagram March 26, 2020

Free Resources For At Home Learning

As things continue to unfold, keeping a nurturing learning environment is imperative for kids who are out of school. As a way to help you out we have put together this list of free online resources for at home learning! (online learning hub for all subjects) (crafts and science experiments) (online learning hub) (learn about animals) (National Geographic learning for kids) (Dr. Seuss/reading) (reading and literacy) (reading and literacy) (math, reading, Wimpy Kid) (learn about the Constitution) (into the book) (math) (actors read to kids) (yes, that magazine!) (scholastic online hub) (online learning resources, research hub, reading, online e-book checkout)
Google Earth (free online tours. Museum tours, cultural learning tours, virtual vacation, oceanic exploration, street view of famous places.)

You can also search “virtual field trips” in your preferred search engine, and there are hundreds of free virtual field trips including the San Diego Zoo, The Louvre, and U.S. Space and Rocket Museum.
Stay safe, stay healthy, stay positive, and keep your kids engaged in learning!